What is a Convertible Lane?

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As stores are adapting to new customer expectations, many question the relevance of the traditional checkout lane. Some stores are removing them and replacing them with self-checkouts. Other stores are more hesitant to get rid of them, citing the customer-service value and transaction control traditional checkouts provide.

If you’re in this spot, we have an alternative option for you: a convertible lane.

What is a convertible lane?

Convertible lanes are checkouts that can be toggled between cashier-mode and self-service mode. They look similar to a traditional checkout but have customer-facing cash and point of sale equipment.

What are key features of this lane?

Key features include customer-facing cash and coin recycling, cashier and customer bagging stations, sliding POS equipment stands, weight verification scales and ADA compliance.

Why would a convertible lane be beneficial for my store?

With issues like minimum wage increases, the COVID-19 pandemic and tight labor markets affecting front end staffing, a convertible lane can make employee scheduling easier than ever. During less busy times, you can put your convertible lane in self-checkout mode. During busier times you can flip the lane to full-service mode with cashier assistance to speed up throughput. With the convertible lane you now have the ability to flex your labor up and down as needed and can have “All Lanes Open at All Times.”

What steps are required for switching between modes?

Switching modes is simple. The bioptic scanner/scale is placed on a rotating platform making it easy to pull out and rotate 180 degrees toward either the customer or cashier. Dual monitors can be slid forward or backward as needed to complete the conversion. Together these steps can be done in under a minute. The software will also have to be toggled between native point of sale, or “speed” mode, and the SCO user interface. The time associated with this switch fluctuates depending on the POS provider.

I’m interested. What’s my next step?

Please contact your sales manager or reach us via our contact page to begin discussions on your convertible lane options.

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