Fresh is the Name of the Game

With all of the discount grocery and cross-shopping going on today, grocery retailers need to find a way to differentiate themselves and compete on an even playing field, not just on price. Fresh is the name of the game, if played well.

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Technology in Retail for 2017

In 2017, technology will play a large role in retail. Media is becoming the store. As a direct path to purchase, Retailers will use technology to make every single piece of media — be it online, social, mobile, or conventional. Providing exceptional content, decision-making tools and commerce software, will be important so that anyone exposed to that media could confidently purchase items on the spot.

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Top 5 Retail Trends in 2017

1. Retailers Should Treat Their Stores Like a Home

Unique retail experiences are still very important to customers and reward retailers who provide them. Welcoming customers into a warm and inviting space, not unlike your home, in which products aren’t pushed on you will be very effective.

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