POS Integration

Only Self-Service checkout is fully integrated across all POS systems.

Self checkout integration to any POS system is simple. If someone tries to tell you it’s not, you’d better HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLET!

If you look at the profits made over the past couple of years by self-checkout companies, you’ll see they make the majority of their money off of services, not equipment. That should tell you why they have built their self-checkout solutions on the strategy of locking you into their POS system and their peripherals.

Self-Service Technology software is built on an open architecture platform to work with or without your current POS systems and peripherals. Self-Service Technology communicates with any existing POS platform and can even be used as a stand-alone cashier manned register.

With Self-Service Technology you have options, because we don’t sell a POS software package, we don’t try to lock you into one!

At the end of the day, we just want to sell you the best self checkout solution for your store. Preferably ours, we’re not trying to sell you a self checkout system that locks you into a certain manufacturer of peripherals. Were not trying to lock you into a certain POS system. We’re just trying to sell you a self checkout solution that your customers will love and one that will help you control your overhead costs and put you in control of your self checkout solution.