Retail and Grocery Health and Safety

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Health and safety has never been of greater concern in our lifetimes than it is currently. People across the world are taking extra precautions like wearing masks and eliminating non-essential travel to make sure that the spread of COVID-19 is contained as much as possible. 

In the grocery and retail industry, we’ve seen many stores install acrylic shields to prevent the spread of germs at the checkout. These stores are also taking measures like limiting the amount of people in their stores and only allowing one shopper per household.

Until COVID is over, retailers and grocers will continue these steps to protect the health and safety of their customers and employees. 

But what happens after this? What will the grocery and retail environment be like? 

One thing that’s certain is that customers won’t easily forget the shock and hardship of this season and the constant health vigilance it required. Companies will need to continue going the extra mile to make their customers feel safe.

We’ve put together a list of a few ways you can support your shoppers’ and employees’ health, safety and peace-of-mind moving forward.


  • Install a Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser Near your Carts

Carts are one of the most frequently touched objects in your store. Sanitizing wipes are an easy way to keep these clean and make your customers feel cared for. 

  • Keep up Health and Safety Signage

It’s important to continue encouraging customers and employees to practice healthy hygiene and safety practices. Signage is a great way to do this. Many stores are currently using signage on their front doors asking sick customers to refrain from entering. This is a good practice to encourage even post-COVID to protect customers from other illnesses and bacteria. Other examples of signage could be recommendations for proper hand washing or reminders to sanitize carts before use.

  • Encourage PPE for At-Risk Shoppers and Employees

Face masks and other personal protective equipment can help protect at-risk populations. Even after COVID is over, people over the age of 65 or others with health conditions may want to continue wearing masks while shopping as an extra precaution. 

  • Install Hands-Free Door Openers 

Eliminating the need to touch door handles is an easy way to slow the spread of germs. These door openers can be used on “pull” or “swing” style doors and are simple to use. Simply place your foot on the metal opener and pull to open the door.

  • Place Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Near Entrances and Exits

Keeping your hands clean is one of the surest ways to prevent sickness. Help customers stay healthy by providing hand sanitizer dispensers at high-traffic areas in your stores like entrances and exits.

  • Utilize Acrylic Shields

One thing we don’t know about COVID is if it will spike again later in the year. Acrylic shields are a good option to install and keep in your store until health officials are comfortable removing social distancing recommendations. Even after the distancing guidelines have been redacted, customers and employees may still feel more comfortable with the shields in place as they can slow the spread of germs of other common illnesses like the flu. These shields can be used at the various customer touch-points in your store: checkouts, pharmacy, customer service desks, etc.