UVDefense Cart Sanitizer

With health and safety being a top concern after the outbreak of COVID-19, Pan-Oston has redirected its manufacturing to include a new line of safety products to help our nation’s essential institutions like retail and grocery keep their employees and customers healthy and safe. One of these items in our Protective Product Solutions line is a shopping cart disinfecting system, the Vantage™ UVDefense, made in partnership with Advantech.

The Vantage™ UVDefense is designed to fit perfectly in your grocery or retail store’s current cart staging area and can quickly and effectively disinfectant the surfaces of your shopping carts. Featuring the Vantage™ UVDefense in the front of your store will help give your customers peace of mind and show your store’s commitment to their health and safety.


Vantage UV Defense Cart Cleaner from Vid Monster Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.


  • Disinfects up to 99.99% of Common Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi on Surfaces
  • The Same Disinfectant UV Technology Used in Air, Food, Water and Medical Industries
  • Cleans up to 6 – 8 Carts in 45 Seconds
  • Reduces Manual Cart-Cleaning Cost and Time
  • Eliminates Exposure to Harmful Cleaning Chemicals
  • Cuts Costs on Sanitizing Cleaning Supplies
  • Safety Switch-Off Features
  • UL Approved Electrical Products
  • Made in the USA


  1. Ultraviolet (UV) light has the optimal energy for inactivating viral, bacterial and fungal organisms. By “inactivation,” this means that the UV light inhibits the organism’s ability to reproduce and infect.
  2. Ultraviolet Germicidal irradiation (UVGI) has been a reputable method of disinfecting surfaces dating back to 1877, when it was first discovered that the intensity of sunlight affected bacteria’s survival rate.¹
  3. In 1941, upper-room UVGI was used in Philadelphia schools to prevent the spread of measles. They saw a significant statistical difference in infection rates between schools with and without upper-room UVGI: 13.3% infection rates with and 53.6% without.²
  4. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) officially supported the use of upper-room UVGI in 2009 to control tuberculosis in healthcare industries.³
  5. Today – due to expanded research and development – UVGI is a primary disinfecting technology used in industries like food, air, water and medicine.


Yes, we make it safe! The Vantage™ UVDefense is designed to prevent any UV-C light leakage during use. The tempered glass viewing panels act as a screen that protects the viewer from harmful rays, and the interlocking door system prevents the machine from operating when the doors are open.

We have also added additional safety features like a swing-handle locking door handle to prevent any unauthorized contacts from operating the machine. There is also an indicator light on top of the machine to notify bystanders when the machine is in use.


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