Vantage™ T°-150

With health and safety being a top concern after the outbreak of COVID-19, Pan-Oston has redirected our manufacturing to include a new line of safety products to help our nation’s businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and other essential industries keep their customers, employees, students, patients and visitors healthy and safe.  One of these items in our Protective Product Solutions line is a temperature reading system that we’ve developed in partnership with the Kentucky Thermal Institute, the Vantage™ T°-150.

This mobile and collapsible kiosk is designed as a hands-free, simple and cost-effective system for temperature screening. Simply place this kiosk in one of your business’s high-traffic areas and direct visitors to step in front of the kiosk. In three seconds or less, the camera screens 30,000+ temperature readings and a tablet screen will provide an easy-to-read pass or fail temperature report.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated, Hands-Free Temperature Screening
  • Scans 30,000+ Temp Readings in Three Seconds or Less
  • Thermal Camera System Meets FDA Guidelines
  • Customizable Temperature Alarm
  • More Accurate than Employee-Operated Temperature Scan Guns
  • Purchase Comes with Self-Paced Online Education & Training through Western Kentucky University
  • Mobile, Collapsible Design for Easy Transporting
  • Made in the USA

Why Use Thermal Scanning?

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, temperature checking and other health and safety precautions have become the daily norm across many industries, including business, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, sports and entertainment.

What we’ve seen is that most businesses are using handheld temperature scanners to screen personnel and visitors, but there are a few problems with this approach:

  1. Improper Technique
  2. Not Social Distancing Friendly
  3. Manual Employee Process
  4. Temperature Test Scheduling

We stand behind the value of our Vantage™ T°-150 because it is a hands-free approach that eliminates the close employee contact needed for traditional temperature-reading guns. Our kiosk also provides more accurate results by pinpointing the most reliable spot on the face for temperature checking and measuring the temperature against a black box, fixed heat source  using an FDA accepted thermal camera.

It’s a fast and accurate way for your employees and visitors to screen their temperature without assistance.

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