Meet the Team: Chad Eilers

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We are happy to announce the recent promotion of Chad Eilers to Vice President of Engineering and Operations!

Chad has been a Pan-Oston employee for close to 20 years and has served in several key roles in the company.

To learn more about Chad, read below!

Can you tell us about yourself?

“I’m close to a lifelong resident of Bowling Green / Warren Co. My parents relocated our family in 1981 with the startup of the Corvette Assembly plant, and I have pretty much remained in the area ever since. I am also a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a proud father of two amazing daughters: Kylee and Arika.”

How long have you worked at Pan-Oston, and what positions have you held during your time here?

“June will mark my 20-year anniversary. I started at Pan-Oston as the Product Pricing Coordinator and also served as the liaison between sales and design engineering. I quickly transitioned to Design Engineering Manager with additional responsibilities in technical sales and technology over the years, which lead to my previous role as Director of Design Engineering & Technology. More recently, I was promoted to Vice President of Engineering & Operations.”

What are some highlights of your Pan-Oston career?

“I have had the privilege to work alongside many amazing people at Pan-Oston and within our supplier and customer communities for many years. These relationships are the motivation for what we do day-in and day-out and lead to both personal and professional success.”

What is one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on during your time at Pan-Oston?

“Without question, my favorite project has been the development of our current convertible self-checkout lane. This unique design solved many of the challenges traditional self-checkout could not address and provided an industry-first solution that could be deployed across the entire store front. Most people don’t realize this, but Pan-Oston has provided the most convertible self-checkout lanes to the grocery industry worldwide.”

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to build a career in leadership or manufacturing?

“My advice to anyone wanting to build a career in manufacturing is to embrace all facets of the business. I started my professional career with Sumitomo-Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Company in Edmonton, KY and was afforded the opportunity to learn the entire business during my 7 years of employment. I then accepted a position at Pan-Oston which also provided that same opportunity. Ask questions and involve yourself in areas outside your department, and also understand how your decisions affect co-workers.”