In Store Cooking Demo

Research has proven that in-store cooking demonstrations will increase sales by 60%.

Teaching your customers how to prepare meals with your products not only increases sales, it also helps to increase customer loyalty to your store. Pan-Oston’s In-Store Cooking Demo Showcase is just what you need to get your sales cooking.

This beautiful showcase is a “roll-in and plug-in” unit that includes an adjustable overhead mirror and spotlights, push/towel bar, storage areas, and a matching sink cart with faucets and push/towel bar. Additional options available include two induction burners, cutting board, heat dissipation tiles, a convection oven, a pressurized water tank and a drain bucket.

This high quality, durable and fully-out-fitted unit will attract the attention of your customers, awaken the cook in them and add warmth and beauty to your store.

Available for lease or purchase, the In-Store Cooking Demo Showcase will pay for itself in no time and will have your customers returning to your store over and over again.