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“As Ahold Delhaize in the US looked to revamp their front ends while adding flexibility for staffing and throughput efficiency, Pan-Oston was a great partner during each stage of our ‘Frontend of the Future journey’.
Our partnership began in the research and design phase. It continued through prototyping and testing, then onto concept development for carousel bagging and convertible self-checkout registers that could be full service or self-service. In each step of our journey, their team of engineers exceeded expectations and continued to deliver and work with us as we improved and modified custom designs during the project.
The dedication, quality, innovation, and on-time delivery Pan-Oston provided built a standing partnership and great relationship between our two companies. Through our work together thousands of carousel rear cabinets and convertible checkout lanes have been installed in over 700 legacy Ahold branded locations.”
– From an Optimization Manager at Ahold