Kroger’s “Blueprint for Businesses” During COVID-19

Needing ideas for how to reopen your business while maintaining health and safety? Check out this article for Kroger's helpful "Blueprint for Businesses."

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Retail and Grocery: Universal Heavy Duty Protective Shield

As the demand for protective acrylic shields at grocery and retail stores has dramatically increased, we’ve noticed many shields across the industry aren’t holding up well to daily use and are easily damaged in the field. Our Universal Heavy Duty Protection Shield is built to last with strengthening side stiffeners that add extra durability and support to the design. It’s also universal and can be mounted on the rail or deck of any lane.

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C-Store: Universal Heavy Duty Protective Shield

C-Store partners: our heavy duty protective shield can be used at your stores, too!

We made our shields with a universal design so they could be mounted on a checkout lane or a sales counter. In this challenging season, we hope our shields can help you provide your customers and employees with some peace of mind and a safe shopping experience.

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Pan-Oston Careers Update

Please read the information below on our, Career Update!

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Retailers installing protective sneeze guards for their employees and customers

"In an effort to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus, grocers across the country are installing plexiglass guards at checkout registers to keep their customers and employees safe and help them practice social distancing."

Pan-Oston is committed to helping our nation's grocers and retailers protect their employees and customers. We've developed a plexiglass shield("sneeze guard") for use at your checkouts that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact our team at 800-210-2302

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