Top 5 Retail Trends in 2017

1. Retailers Should Treat Their Stores Like a Home

Unique retail experiences are still very important to customers and reward retailers who provide them. Welcoming customers into a warm and inviting space, not unlike your home, in which products aren’t pushed on you will be very effective.

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5 Trends for Improved Loyalty And Informed Shoppers

Trends for 2017 are:

Digital Engagement: Supermarkets chains will improve their digital tactics outfitting their stores with beacons, embedded throughout a store's shelves, signs and product displays. These beacons interact with smartphones using low-energy Bluetooth signals to provide coupons and other discounts. Discounts and specials will be available through more mobile apps, and online grocery ordering and delivery will grow.

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Putting Technology in the Store Means More Items in the Cart

How do you get your customer to spend more time in the store? What about spending more money? Your customers want specific items. Why not make it easier to find them? A customer who can locate an item without having to seek out an associate for help is more open to suggestions about additional products, and is more willing to spend time in the store getting coupons via their mobile device. By giving your customer an app to create a shopping list or find coupons, you build customer loyalty.

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Intuitive Design in the Grocery Store

In the grocery store, intuitive design is all about how to get the customer to spend more money without making it obvious. Customers don’t like to feel tricked or manipulated, so any gentle guidance from the retailer to get them to purchase more items must be done without being noticed. From the way people walk around the store, to the way the items are stacked on the shelf, everything about a grocery store can be coded into making the retailer more money.

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To Bag or Not to Bag?

What is your store policy when it comes to bagging groceries? Does the customer bag the groceries, or does an employee? What if customers strongly prefer to bag their own groceries, but you have an employee who typically handles the bagging? We took a look at different grocers and retailers in the nation to see what they had to say.

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