Pan-Oston: An ESOP Company

Pan-Oston is proud to be part of one of the largest Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies in the United States. As a Houchens Industries Company, Pan-Oston provides ESOP benefits to all employees, which time has proven is beneficial for employees, the company, and for our customers.

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Technology in Retail for 2017

In 2017, technology will play a large role in retail. Media is becoming the store. As a direct path to purchase, Retailers will use technology to make every single piece of media — be it online, social, mobile, or conventional. Providing exceptional content, decision-making tools and commerce software, will be important so that anyone exposed to that media could confidently purchase items on the spot.

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Winning Strategies for C-store Retailers

AlixPartners’ 2016 North American convenience store consumer study is the first to take an in-depth look at consumer behavior in the c-store industry. It's findings point to the need for c-stores to master four strategies to succeed in this space: enhancing the execution of foodservice programs, improving the customer experience, building scale, and launching comprehensive enterprise-improvement programs.

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Top 5 Retail Trends in 2017

1. Retailers Should Treat Their Stores Like a Home

Unique retail experiences are still very important to customers and reward retailers who provide them. Welcoming customers into a warm and inviting space, not unlike your home, in which products aren’t pushed on you will be very effective.

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5 Trends for Improved Loyalty And Informed Shoppers

Trends for 2017 are:

Digital Engagement: Supermarkets chains will improve their digital tactics outfitting their stores with beacons, embedded throughout a store's shelves, signs and product displays. These beacons interact with smartphones using low-energy Bluetooth signals to provide coupons and other discounts. Discounts and specials will be available through more mobile apps, and online grocery ordering and delivery will grow.

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