6 Reasons to Choose Pan-Oston’s Self-Service Technology Program

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Self-service checkout technology could be the key to taking your business from great to amazing, reducing wait times, and making your business more appealing to busy customers.

Pan-Oston is a premier provider of self-service products, having spent years creating some of the best and most efficient self-service checkout solutions. If you’re in the market for a self-service product, there are a six key reasons why our company is right for the job.

1. Customizable Solutions

Pan-Oston is one of the largest and most trusted designers and manufacturers of self-service checkouts. We’ve been in the self-service business for over 20 years and have developed multiple self-service products for our customers including kiosks, self-checkouts, belted self-checkouts, portal scanners, convertible lanes, express pay stations and more. Our skilled team of engineers have the expertise to customize the right solution to each customer’s unique needs.

2. Flexible Software Options

What makes Pan-Oston’s Self-Service Technology program unique is that we give our customers the ability to provide their own software and hardware of choice. Because Pan-Oston doesn’t require our customers to use a specific software vendor, our self-service products can be equipped with your existing POS equipment to streamline your front end systems.

3. No Long-Term Service Contracts

When you purchase a self-service product, a bulk of the expense is rolled into long-term service contracts with the provider. Pan-Oston won’t lock you into any long-term service agreements. Because you own and supply your own POS equipment, you have the benefit of leveraging existing service networks.

4. Built for Customer Satisfaction

In order to be successful, your self-checkouts need to be thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind. Pan-Oston products are built to facilitate ease of use and customer satisfaction, improving shopper loyalty and earning repeat customers.

5. Equipped for the Job

With over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space in addition to a 60,000 square foot distribution center and a 60,000 square foot technology center, we have the capacity and resources to handle large volume rollouts. Our manufacturing capabilities include sheet metal fabrication, power coat painting, assembly, hardware integration, cabling and wiring, and hardware installation and testing.

6. Time-Saving Integration Services

Pan-Oston will install your POS hardware and any ancillary equipment at our on-site technology center. Our customers love this part of our program because it saves them days of labor time and expense when their self-service products are delivered and ready for install.

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