Why You Should Play Music in Your Store

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We all know that music can set the tone of your surroundings. Just like some music sets a romantic mood, retailers can use music to set a buying mood. But how do you know what type of music influences shoppers in a positive way? Well first, let’s look at the research:

  • A 1982 study by Milliman Inc. found that when background music was played in a supermarket, customers spent 34% longer in the store with a corresponding increase in sales.
  • A 2005 study revealed that people tend to spend more on impulse buys when pleasant music is playing.
  • A 2000 study found that familiarpopular music has a negative effect on shopping. It tends to distract shoppers, causing them to concentrate on the music instead of their shopping. On the other hand, unfamiliar but pleasant music has a positive effect on shoppers.
  • One British study found that classical background music increases the amount that shoppers are willing to spend.
  • In a 2013 research by DJS, 77% of businesses agreed that their staff is more productive when music is playing.

Set the tone

Interestingly, the type of music played affects shoppers in different ways.  Classical music, as mentioned above, has been found to influence shoppers to buy more expensive items. If you run a high-dollar store, you may want to consider playing classical music, as it can evoke feelings of elegance and high quality.

Set the pace

The tempo has an effect also. Slower temp music tends to make customers move more slowly, which is a perfect selection for retailers who want people to spend more time in their store.

Shorten the Wait

While music doesn’t necessarily make the wait time shorter, it can affect shoppers’ perception of time. If there’s music playing, a long line will feel shorter. When people are entertained, they are less likely to get bored or annoyed. The same principal is applied to putting callers on hold, or to ease stranger discomfort in an elevator.

Boost Productivity

Not only do customers benefit from in-store music, but employees as well. The research shows that staff is more productive if there’s an effective music strategy, and it’s a great tool to boost morale and concentration.

Music plays a big role in creating and enhancing your store’s atmosphere. Establish a unique culture depending on your brand, and employ a music strategy that works for your customers and your team. You’ll find it has a positive impact on the overall shopping experience!