Why Millennials Love the Self-Checkout

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Why Millennials Love the Self-Checkout Thumbnail

The Millennial generation is often spoofed for having short attention spans and being cell phone and social media obsessed. But growing up and maturing in an advanced age of technology, it’s natural that they expect to be able to use it in every aspect of their life. Like it or not, convenience is of highest importance to this generation, and it’s paramount that retailers stay up-to-date with the most efficient and user-friendly checkout systems.

Improving the payment experience through self-checkout kiosks and advanced digital payment technologies is crucial to keeping the millennial shopper. A new standard has been set across the grocery and retail industry, keeping things easy and streamlined. For the average person, of any generation, who needs to do a little grocery shopping after a long work day and rush hour traffic, the self checkout can be a godsend. Shoppers dread the chaos of a grocery store after 5pm and just want to get home, settle in, and decompress. The self checkout is quick, easy to use, and you can bag your items however you like. Some customers also appreciate the privacy a self checkout allows when purchasing personal items.

Owners and operators of grocery and retail stores know that selling the experience to your customer is just as important as selling your products. Customers are more likely to return to your store (versus a competitor’s) if you’ve sold them the best shopping experience possible. This day in age, it’s essential that you offer a self-checkout solution.

Benefits of the Self-Checkout

  • Improves Customer Service
  • Reduces Payroll and Paper Resources
  • Promotes Brand Image
  • Enables Inventory Reduction
  • They Take up Less Space
  • Speed and Efficiency for All