Modular Family

Build the ideal self checkout lane for your store with Pan-Oston’s new Utopia Modular line.

Remember when you could have self checkout any way you wanted it, as long as it was white, and you had to take four of the one model they made?

That’s because until Pan-Oston got in the self checkout business there wasn’t a manufacturer that focused on the small independent. Until we came along you could only buy what the big guys wanted and you paid through the nose for it. Now with Utopia’s Modular Line, you can build the self checkout solution that is right for your store and your needs.

As your business grows and changes you want a self checkout solution that can grow and change with you.

With the Utopia Modular Line you have amazing flexibility, as your business grows or changes, you can easily replace or add to your existing Utopia modular self checkout lanes. This is one self checkout lane that will never become obsolete.

With a micro footprint, hardware and software modularity, cash/cashless options and Utopia’s unique features that give you the option to use your existing scanner, monitors and EFT’s, this new Modular line is just another example why Utopia is described by many as the best self checkout solution available anywhere at any price.