Utopia Features

Self Checkout Isn’t Rocket Science, Our Competition Just Wants You To Think It Is.

Smart & Simple Technology

When you get down to it, self checkout is nothing more than a plug and play terminal.

Sure it needs to be integrated to your POS, but there’s nothing to that. Utopia is the only self-checkout solution developed to work with any .NET or Linux back office system, it was built on an open architecture platform to work with or without your current POS system and peripherals. Utopia self checkout is fully integrated to 99% of all POS systems. So there’s no reason for you to be locked into a long term contract, and you don’t have to give up control of your stores self checkout in order to have self checkout.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Utopia is the only self checkout solution developed to work with any .NET or Linux back office system.

It’s never been this simple to provide the self checkout experience to your customers. Utopia uses Microsoft based programming so it is the smartest, most flexible, easiest to install and easiest to use self checkout system on the market.

Additionally, Utopia can use your existing hardware and can easily be programmed to work with any new hardware of software you purchase in the future.

Delayed Mediation Technology™

Delayed mediation delivers faster transactions and a better shopping experience. That led us to develop delayed mediation so that a customers transaction would not be constantly interrupted while trying to purchase items like beer and glue with self checkout. Utopia’s delayed mediation allows the customer to continue the checkout process with only one attendant verification needed at the end. It is practical applications like this that separates our approach to self service checkout from everyone else.

Thanks to delayed mediation, Utopia’s attendant intervention rates are only 11% versus the national average of 140%!

Open Architecture

Only Utopia self checkout works with all of your existing peripherals including, hand scanners, monitors, scanner scale, printer and EFT.

And with Utopia’s Auto Attendant you can even use your existing lane!
Offering your customers the convenience of self checkout shouldn’t require you having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing equipment you already have. That’s at-least what we believe at Pan-Oston, that’s why we designed Utopia to work with all your existing equipment.

ISS45 Integration

Utopia Self-Checkout application now has a single point of integration with the ISS45 point-of-sale (POS) software.


  • POS and SCO use Virtualization to operate on a single PC.
  • Communicates with peripherals that you already have, including EFT devices.
  • Utopia leverages Enterprise level technology e.g. Composite PresentationEvents, Log4Net, & DBML.
  • Streamlined functionality means that attendants can toggle between ISS45 and the SCO user interface on the same screen to perform administrative functions.


SCO transaction details are communicated through ISS45 via the WPSCO to populate existing database files.
BR Data and other Back Office applications report directly to ISS45 database files.


ISS45 supports all types of electronic payment systems including MTXEPS, WINEPS, Open EPS.


Utopia’s coupled system accommodates various communication layers, and places the control in the hands of our partners and customers.

Isolated integration layer separate from the core system means that there is only one point of communication.
Current integrations are not affected by new integrations or any other layers

Multiple interfaces are used, including:

  • IPosIntegration: Defines common logic and converts POS and Utopia data models
  • IPosBusinessRules: Identifies customer specific rules and triggers attendant intervention sequences

Developed in Visual Studio 2012 on .Net 3.5 in C#, which allows Utopia to target API’s which are built to run on Windows