Is Your Store a Resolution Destination?

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Is Your Store a Resolution Destination? Thumbnail

For many people, January marks the beginning of many health-related resolutions. From exercising more to eating healthier, people want to start the year on the right foot! Shoppers who are deciding to live and eat better in 2018 will be visiting more natural products stores this month and purchasing healthier produce from their preferred grocer. If your store offers healthy alternatives, January could be the most important month of the year. If handled right, you can achieve sales gains that last for the rest of the year and beyond!

If your store sells produce, January is an excellent month to showcase healthy alternatives with in-house demos. Demos are a great way to educate and provide samples to shoppers who are looking for simple, fresh ideas that can be executed by even the most novice of chefs. Always use colorful signage and graphic display risers to convey the health message in store.

If you foresee your health food store being a “resolution destination,” you need to preplan the layout of merchandise and where you want to put your featured items. Here are some things to consider when planning where to put your New Year feature items.

  1. What high-visibility endcaps are going to contain what merchandise? What signage will work best on those endcaps?
  2. If your store has room for floor stacks (either case or pallet stacks), where is the best place for both traffic flow and visibility for them?
  3. What items are available in floor displays? These are great ways to call attention to products and still have your end caps available.
  4. What products and locations will work best with demos? Having shoppers try a product is a great way to boost sales!