Sell Hard: 3 Ways to Increase Sales from Male Customers

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With the celebration of Father’s Day over the weekend, retailers may be asking a simple question: how can I get more guys to buy from me? According to the statistics below, the average male shopper is looking for a good product and a good shopping experience. Here are some statistics and suggestions from Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs on how you can increase sales from men.

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Here are the statistics on male shoppers:

  • 25% of men claim to shop at least 6 times a month at a department store compared to just 15% of women.
  • Men tend to shop alone while women tend to shop with friends.
  • Men tend to exhibit urgent buying This search-and-retrieve habit helps men maintain some of their traditional masculine identity.
  • 44% of men shop in store to touch and feel a product versus only 33% of women.
  • 42% of men are likely to shop at full price retailers and only 18% at discount or off-price retailers. This is in stark contrast to only 31% of women who want to shop at full price stores and 38% who want to shop at off-price or discount stores.
  • Price promotions are one of the least important factors for bringing men into a brick and mortar store.

Are you chasing the wrong customer?

Three things you must be doing to get more sales from men:

  1. Have a hook. While Saks in New York has a barbershop and coffeehouse, the big draw is a monthly rotating pop-up shop that features 200 styles of sneakers, 40 of which are Saks exclusives. According to Marc Metrick, President of Saks, footwear is the gateway drug sure to snare male shoppers—and get them to check out the rest of the store.
  2. Improve your selling techniques. Men are in a hurry and they trust what associates tell them. But be careful, they are not looking for a person to just pester or bug them. Can I help you with anything? just won’t work on them. They are looking for a person they can trust to help them compare and contrast, to be there at the dressing room when they’re half-dressed to give him options, and ready when something fits to show the same product in variations. Why? Because men find the perfect fit and then buy in bulk. And because 28% say a lack of responsiveness from associates is their biggest pet peeve when shopping. That’s basically 1 in 3 you’ll tick off if you miss this.
  3. Have more options. Men are looking for more products in person so you need to have more merchandise options on the floor. That’s because men like to buy and take it home with them on that same day.

We’re seeing men are less concerned with price and promotion and more concerned with getting customer service assistance, and for that reason are more brand loyal.

Fix their experience and gain more sales.


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In Sum

As one of my podcast guests, Greg Petro, with First Insight has said, “Men are less likely to embrace technology disruptors like Amazon, discount retail, and mobile shopping than women. More men prefer to shop in-store at full-price retailers than at discount retailers.”

If you’re still stuck in the price-and-promotion and stack-it-high-and-hope-it-flies realize you are doing just the opposite of what resonates with what data is telling us men value when shopping in-store.