Counter Top Units

Self-Service Technology’s Counter Top self checkout, if you have a counter you can lower your overhead and raise your customer satisfaction.

We designed the Counter Top self checkout to give you all the benefits of Self-Service Technology self checkout in a much smaller package. Self-Service Technology Counter Top keeps the smart and simple features that your customers will love, plus all the features that stores have to have. Here are just some of the features built into this amazing product.

Is there anything else in the world that you could place on your counter and get results like this?

  • Smart and Simple Technology
  • Works With Or Without Existing POS systems
  • Fully Integrated with any POS platform
  • Exclusive Delayed Mediation Technology™
  • Advanced Redundancy Technology™
  • Requires No Dedicated IT Professionals or Special Programming
  • Gives You Store Level Control
  • PCI Compatible
  • Supports Loss Prevention Programs
  • Exceeds ADA Compliance
  • The Official Self Checkout of the NGA