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Self Checkout Isn’t Rocket Science, Our Competition Just Wants You To Think It Is.

So they can charge you rocket science prices!

When you get down to it, self checkout is nothing more than a plug and play terminal. Sure it needs to be integrated to your POS, but there’s nothing to that. Utopia is the only self-checkout solution developed to work with any .NET or Linux back office system, it was built on an open architecture platform to work with or without your current POS system and peripherals. Utopia self checkout is fully integrated to 99% of all POS systems. So there’s no reason for you to be locked into a long term contract, and you don’t have to give up control of your stores self checkout in order to have self checkout.

Utopia puts you in control of self checkout, and it give you control of your data and reporting!

With Utopia you’re in control, isn’t it time that you took control of your stores sales data?  Your data is the most important thing your store has and right now you probably don’t own it.  In fact if you wanted to run a new report, you’d have to pay someone else to run a report on your own store!  Is that crazy, you having  to pay to do a custom report for your own store!

Plus what if you want to change a price or add a store logo?  With Utopia it takes you seconds and doesn’t cost you a dollar because you do it yourself and when you make a change on one lane it will allow you to change as many lanes as you want at the same time.

Utopia works with your current lanes and hardware, so you can keep everything that you have. With Utopia if you like a particular style of monitor or scanner it will work our system, because we’re not in the business of trying to force you to buy a peripheral made by us, because we don’t make them! Utopia is so scalable that it can even work as a stand-alone cash register.

So if you want the smartest, simplest and least expensive way to offer your customers self checkout, call us today for a demonstration. Or if you really can’t wait, watch some of our testimonials, you’ll hear from some of our customers what a difference Utopia has made at their stores.

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