Only Utopia self checkout works with all of your existing peripherals including, hand scanners, monitors, scanner scale, printer and EFT.

And with Utopia’s Auto Attendant you can even use your existing lane!

Offering your customers the convenience of self checkout shouldn’t require you having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing equipment you already have. That’s at-least what we believe at

Pan-Oston, that’s why we designed Utopia to work with all your existing equipment. As the official self checkout solution to the N.G.A. we understand how hard it is to compete as an Independent Grocer. That’s why we designed Utopia to not only be the most affordable self checkout solution, but to be the one that your customers prefer the most too.

Why would anyone take a cable that costs less than $10 dollars and put a unique connection at the end? So they can charge you over $200 for it instead of $10. We don’t do business that way and we’re proud of it!

Another way other self checkout suppliers try to get your money is by making their equipment incompatible with other equipment. Why else would you design a basic capable that hooks into the back of a computer with anything but a standard connection? It’s things like this and they’ve got hundreds of them that they do that force you to pay exorbitant prices for their products and service. Just ask any of our customers or members of the N.G.A. that we do business with and you will hear that at Pan-Oston we don’t do that. Please click on the testimonials tab to the left to hear some of our clients talk about their experience using Utopia self checkout.

  • Pan-Oston is rated by 10 customers. The average rating is 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5 Stars Rating System
    “Fast and easy to use”
    “Great tool for day-to-day basis”
    “More effective and more efficient”
    “No assembly required”
    “Perfect solution for our company and our customers”
    “High quality workmanship”
    “Excellent customer service”
    “State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities”
    “On-time delivery”
    “Exceeds expectations”