Convenience Store Self Checkouts

Convenience Store Self-Checkout

That’s over $15,000 less than the competition’s

self checkout! Plus you’ll get America’s record setting low intervention rates, the highest customer satisfaction, lower overhead costs and happier customers? What would you call getting all of this? We call it Utopia, more specifically Utopia Self Checkout.

Utopia is fully integrated to 99% of available

POS Systems Because Utopia is POS neutral we have easily integrated Utopia with Retalix ISS45, IBM 4690, IBM ACE, IBM SA, NCR Scanmaster, LOC SMS and more. So no matter what type of POS system you have it will easily work with Utopia. Plus with Utopia, you are in control of your self checkout solution, we don’t lock you into a long term contract.

The only proven convenience store self

checkout solution. Utopia self checkout is market proven, it’s a proven cost effective way to deal with rising overhead costs. Plus Utopia was designed from the beginning to work in the convenience store environment.

Widest Model Range in Convenience Store

Self Checkouts Utopia comes in numerous model ranges perfect for the convenience store. From the Utopia countertop models, to the smallest footprint modular 2 bagger and the Utopia in-line counter model. We’re sure there’s a Utopia self checkout solution just right for you. To improve the efficiency of a convenience store, self checkout lanes have been developed to answer the rise of overhead costs. Enabling customers to do the checkout process themselves, it often makes things faster. Not to mention that if more than one convenience store self checkout lane is needed, it only takes a single employee to run, maintain and supervise the units. Here at Pan-Oston, we offer point of sales solutions with our line of Utopia self checkout lanes. Unlike other self checkout systems, ours is able to work with what you have instead of requiring a complete change in operational systems. This makes our Utopia lanes a real investment for independently run groceries and convenience stores. Since we’ve designed our convenience store self-checkout lanes with the independent entrepreneur in mind, it becomes easier to run a business and earn more for it. We provide options as well. Our available convenience store self-checkout lane models range from countertop and in-line counter types to modular unit types.

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    “Fast and easy to use”
    “Great tool for day-to-day basis”
    “More effective and more efficient”
    “No assembly required”
    “Perfect solution for our company and our customers”
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    “Excellent customer service”
    “State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities”
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