Prepare your Retail Store for Spring!

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Although it may not feel like it just yet, Spring is quickly approaching! Your retail store will likely be experiencing more in-store traffic and sales in the coming months, and this is a fantastic time to freshen things up a bit in preparation. A new look and new products will help you reap the benefits of shoppers who are eager to brighten up their day with a little Spring shopping.  Here are some helpful tips for making your retail shop fresh and exciting this Spring.

Do some Spring cleaning! The dark and short days of Winter makes it easy for dirt and grime to hide in corners and atop displays. Use the longer days to your advantage and do a thorough cleaning of your store. Sweep, dust, mop, and wipe down every surface so that your shop is a clean slate, ready for updating.

Out with the old, in with the new! Go through your inventory and get rid of all the leftovers. Move things off the shelves by offering sales, discounts and special promotions. Keep them in the know with email blasts announcing sales and colorful in-store signage. Have your staff point shoppers in the direction of discounted items, and update your displays to something bright and fun for Spring; customers are always delighted by a different atmosphere when they stop in.

Get creative! Show off your new inventory with bright and refreshing color palettes. Eye-catching window displays that showcase some of your new products draw customers into your store. If you’re at a loss, try theming around Spring celebrations. Customers will pass by a drab or Winter-themed display in favor of a fresh and fun Spring display!

Basic training! Make sure your staff is adequately trained on new products and their locations in the store. Being able to quickly and accurately direct a customer to what they’re looking for can make the difference between a sale and a walk-out. Don’t forget about your part-time staff and make sure they’re just as familiar with new products, layout and displays.