The largest national retailers have trusted us to revitalize their stores. Is it time to refurbish yours?

At Pan-Oston, we know that retailers are motivated to refurbish their stores for a variety of reasons, including a need to create an environment that attracts customers, a response to a competitor, and to generate additional sales.

It Is critical to implement a refurbishment program with as little disruption to customers and operation while increasing sales volume and getting prompt payback on the cost of the refurbishment.

The Benefits

We have helped the largest national retail chains with refurbishing hundreds of stores and thousands of fixtures. The benefits of a refurbishment program include:

  • Recapitalization of current assets
  • Extended fixture life
  • Customized program to fit your needs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved store appearance
  • Sustainability – reduced landfill cost

Our Services

Our experienced installation team, with over 170 years of combined experience, provide refurbishment services that include a site evaluation, recommendations, summary with CAD drawings, scope of work that is tailored to the customer, team installs, and walk-through inspections. In addition to replacing mechanical and electrical elements, Pan-Oston can retool and reskin any lane or fixture to make it look and work like new. Since wood and metal are both manufactured in-house, Pan-Oston serves as a one-stop shop for retailers.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you improve the customer experience!

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