Pan-Oston Celebrates 50 Years of Great Experience!

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It’s been an exciting year for Pan-Oston. On the heels of our one millionth order in 2017, this year marks our 50th year of business!  Through the years, Pan-Oston has evolved into a leading manufacturer of fixtures, checkout lanes and embedded hardware solutions. How did we do it? Here’s a little bit of our history:

Founded in 1968, Pan-Oston’s headquarters have changed several times throughout the decades. A manufacturer named Seppo Halttunen opened a metalworking company in Finland called Halton in the late 60’s. The success of Halton’s store checkout products led the company to expand globally with the additions of a new manufacturing facility in Peterborough, Canada under the name Oston Ltd. This would later be changed to our current name, Pan-Oston.

Production then moved further south into the United States with a location in Glasgow, KY to accommodate the retail market’s growing demand for quality checkout products. In 2003, the business was acquired by Houchens Industries, one of the largest ESOP companies in the United States. With the help of Houchens, the newly independent branch of Pan-Oston relocated to a new, state-of-the-art, 200,000 square foot facility in Bowling Green, KY that houses its manufacturing and corporate headquarters. That same year, Houchens also acquired a millwork and wood fixture facility in Hiram, Georgia that had top-of-the-line CNC wood manufacturing and edge banding equipment that would be used to broaden the Pan-Oston product line.

The company’s next big steps toward growth happened in 2006 when Pan-Oston saw a 100,000 square foot expansion and the purchase of its first automated Salvagnini. This machine, which has the capability to punch, bend and shear metal, paved the way for developing some of Pan-Oston’s most well-known product brands: the Utopia Self-Checkouts as well as the Reddy, Vantage, and Ergolane lines.

Pan-Oston continues to grow and evolve as technology advances, providing innovative solutions in an ever-changing industry. As a result of the growth, Pan-Oston has expanded their highly motivated, diverse workforce and has acquired additional warehousing, technology development, and testing space. The new warehouse and distribution center is located in the Kentucky Transpark in Bowling Green, KY.

The dedication and determination of Pan-Oston’s employees throughout the years has been paramount to our success, and we’re so proud of the work they’ve done in the last 50 years. Their commitment to excellence has allowed us to become an industry leader in the retail checkout, display, and counter fixture market. We look forward to celebrating with friends and family this fall, and kicking off many more decades of continued success!