Pan-Oston’s Preventative Maintenance Program

Pan-Oston’s Preventative Maintenance program will ensure your lanes, counters, self checkout, cabinets, displays and fixtures work perfectly all the time.

Preventative Maintenance maximizes the return on your store

fixture investment.  Nothing costs more than equipement that doesn’t work, and we work hard to make sure every product we maintain is running efficiently and correctly.

As a major manufacturer of grocery and retail products we understand how important a smooth running store is to your bottom line.  That’s why we service products with the same quality as when we build them.  We know that you’ve trusted us with a big responsibility in maintaining your equipment and we don’t take that trust lightly.

We have a number of maintenance programs to choose from and our nationwide network of professionals are there when you need them with the parts and experience to keep you store running well with as little down time as possible.

For a quote on what it would take to maintain your store’s equipment please give us a call, we’re sure we can save you money and more importantly save you down time on your equipment.

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