Is Your Store Prepared for Father’s Day?

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Is Your Store Prepared for Father’s Day? Thumbnail

Father’s Day is less than a week away! Is your store stocked and ready to go for those last-minute shoppers? Although Father’s Day is hardly the biggest day in the retail industry, there are still many opportunities to make the most of your sales. According to a 2015 Father’s Day spending survey, the average person will spend around $115 on gifts. This may seem high to you, but about 75% of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day. That’s a total spending of $12.7 billion! Use these insights to stock your store with a variety of Dad gifts of all price ranges, and make some last-minute preparations:

What Are they Looking for?

40% of all Father’s Day shoppers are trying to make their Dad look good with snazzy apparel. Neckties and dress shirts are always popular Father’s Day gifts, but maybe consider stepping a bit out of the norm. Display nice clothes that are a little quirky or have a funky pattern. Nothing so crazy that Dad won’t wear it, but something unique that he may not think to buy for himself.

Since Dad’s fashion sense can sometimes be difficult to understand, selling gift cards are always a great option. Use clear signage to let your shoppers know that you do sell gift cards, and utilize a prominent display to showcase your gift card variety. It’s usually a good idea to display these near the front of the store for those shoppers who are in a rush, or for those who might be on their way out- disappointed that they didn’t find the perfect gift. Remind them that gift cards are always a great option.

20% of shoppers pick out new gadgets like tablets or smartphones. Highlight your electronics this week and consider running a sale to really drive the traffic.

An estimated $710 million will be spent on home improvement or gardening supplies, and $668 million will be spent on tools or appliances. If you sell these items, it’s definitely in your best interest to advertise these items this week (even if it’s only a large sign outside of your store) and run some Father’s Day promotions!

They Are Coming to YOU.

Believe it or not, studies show that most shoppers will be headed to brick and mortar stores this week. 36.4% will be going to department stores and 25.2% to discount stores. Furthermore, about 17% will shop at local small businesses instead of big retailers. Since many people do their Father’s Day shopping at the last minute, ordering online may not be an option. If you can come in clutch for a stressed out son or daughter, you may create a loyal customer. Provide incentives for them to shop at your store. Train your staff to assist these shoppers as much as possible to alleviate any worries. Zero in on products that would interest Dad, and showcase products with low prices or that are on sale or special.

Outsmart your competition this Father’s Day and offer convenience at competitive prices!