Building Your Business with the Help of a Kiosk Manufacturer like Pan-Oston

As a leading kiosk manufacturer for small and large-scale retail stores, Pan-Oston can help build your business with innovative self-service kiosks and improve customer satisfaction. We are constantly developing retail kiosks that provide customers with the services they want as well as help your store boost transactions.

If you make it easier for your customer to collect recipes, gather product information, and buy your products, the customer will purchase more. That's where our kiosk and mobile carts come in.

Research has shown over and over again the sales benefits of having a recipe kiosk, a mobile concession, or a mobile retail kiosk.

These specialized self-service kiosk solutions can give added value to your store's selections and help customers discover valuable products. Additionally, by improving the shopping experience, customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from you. This helps foster customer loyalty and encourage your patrons to recommend your store.

For over 45 years, we have been manufacturing grocery merchandisers, fixtures and checkout lanes. As the business has changed and evolved we have stayed ahead of our clients' needs by conducting hundreds of focus groups and on-premise research to develop products that will build our customers' revenues.

This has led us to develop the world's fastest growing and smartest self-checkout solution for grocers on the market today, our Utopia Self-Checkout Solution, which places the control of the store and the self-checkout process back into your hands. It has also led us to develop a number of other firsts for our partners at the N.G.A. Among these are the world's first ergonomic checkout lane, ErgoLane, which has become the gold standard of supermarket checkout lanes, and the revolutionary "Supermarket Guru" kiosk, a consumer-focused recipe and food safety kiosk. To find out more about all the amazing products being developed at Pan-Oston, please give us a call at 1-800-210-2302.

Our line of kiosks and mobile carts include:

  • "Supermarket Guru" Kiosk
  • Mobile Carts
  • Mobile Concession
  • Mobile Vending
  • Information Kiosk
  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Retail Kiosk
  • Kiosk Cart

Apart from being a kiosk manufacturer, Pan-Oston is also a leading manufacturer of custom retail fixtures for large supermarkets and independent grocers. Our products include display racks, tables, and shelves that help highlight the value of your merchandise on display.

Click here to learn more about Pan-Oston's Garden Displays and Mobile Kiosks.

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Pan-Oston is rated by 10 customers. The average rating is 5 out of 5
“Fast and easy to use”
“Great tool for day-to-day basis”
“More effective and more efficient”
“No assembly required”
“Perfect solution for our company and our customers”
“High quality workmanship”
“Excellent customer service”
“State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities”
“On-time delivery”
“Exceeds expectations”