Produce Display Fixtures

Our research and design teams have been able to come up with the ideal produce display fixtures that are designed to improve customer convenience, boost sales, and save space all at the same time.

We know how every detail in your store can affect the customer’s shopping experience; even the way produce display cases are presented can make a difference. Custom produce displays that are presented well may directly affect your customer’s preference for your store; high quality produce fixtures mean high-quality products, which will definitely increase your clientele.

  • Produce Display
  • Produce Tilting Table
  • Fruit Display
  • Vegetable Display
  • Produce Display Cases
  • Produce Tables
  • Produce Rack
  • Produce Display Bins
  • Stacking Produce Tables

Our high-quality produce displays are based on decades of feedback, extensive research, and assessments of the needs of our consumers. Pan-Oston produce displays will increase your transactions with meaningful and effective design.

For nearly 50 years we have produced high quality fixtures for both small and large-scale groceries and supermarkets using state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated processes. Our capabilities in wood and metal fabrication enable us to manufacture custom produce displays based on our client’s specific needs.

We can work with different types of common wood materials, including hardwood, plywood, MDF, OSB, and particle board. For our custom display fixtures, you can also choose among different types of lamination such as melamine, high pressure laminate, and thermoformed plastic finishes.

We can provide you with a wide selection of high-quality display cases made to help you increase your sales and reduce costs. Our selections include: produce display fixtures, tilting tables, fruit and vegetable displays, produce racks, display bins, and stacking tables. Our custom produce displays are also available in different elegant colors and wood finishes such as black, Kensington Maple, and Wild Cherry.

Aside from our display cases, we also offer high quality display racks for both retail and grocery stores. These include bakery fixtures, wine racks, cigarette cases, and floral displays. Each of our products combines form, function, and security to guarantee customer satisfaction and increased sales. We also offer self-checkout lanes as well as a full range of turnkey professional and technical support services to ensure that our lanes remain functional for your customers’ convenience.