Grocery Store Self Checkout

America’s Favorite Self Checkout: Only Utopia Self-Checkout Allows You To Stay In Control Of Your Self-Checkout

As the official self-checkout solution for the N.G.A., we’ve developed Utopia around the needs of the independent grocer. After years of focus groups and testing of various solutions, we developed Utopia to be the smartest and simplest self-checkout solution on the market today.

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Only Pan-Oston’s Utopia Self-Checkout Solution works as an application to your POS. What Utopia has done is to decouple your back office data and reporting from your POS, turning self-checkout into a simple and smart function of your operating system. This allows your self-checkout to communicate directly with data from your back office system; the brilliance of this can be seen in reducing the need of POS upgrade integration costs thus allowing you to change POS providers at any time without sacrificing your other software applications, further allowing you to continue to use your existing hardware and peripherals.

Take Control of your Self-Checkout

Pan-Oston’s Utopia Self Checkout puts you back in control of your store and it’s self-checkout. No longer will you be locked into long-term POS/Self-checkout commitments. Plus, with Utopia Self-Checkout, even self-checkout systems that have been declared end-of-life by other manufacturers can be saved and updated saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An ROI In Months, Not Years

With Utopia’s self-checkout solutions’ exceptional value, and in most cases its ability to re-use your existing hardware peripherals, it’s easy to see how your ROI is measured in a few months and not years. Our manufacturer direct program for N.G.A. independent retailers is backed by industry leading service and support, making Utopia Self Checkout the ideal solution for any independent grocer.

Endorsed and used by the National Grocers Association, Pan-Oston’s Utopia is the smart supermarket self-checkout lane. Utopia was developed to benefit the independent grocers of today through focus groups and various tests.

We know that both you and your customers value time and efficiency, that’s why Utopia was made to be able to quickly adapt to any POS system. Utopia can be installed as an application in your system making things fast and simple. Your self-checkout system will be able to transfer data directly to and from your back office system. Even if you update your POS software, there will be no need to worry about losing essential data that your business cannot risk to misplace. Utopia is designed to be able to adapt to change and stay true to our promise of giving you smart supermarket self-checkout lanes.

You will truly have full control of your store and not have to worry about the technical details with Utopia in your establishment. You can enjoy Utopia without worrying about any long term POS commitments and also be assured of a faster return of on investment since it already skips a couple of steps upon installation by reusing your existing data from your previous self-checkout system.

See the difference and experience Utopia, the ideal choice in smart self-checkout systems.