Utopia Cash Handling Lane

Official self-checkout provider to the N.G.A.

MEI Bank Note Recycler

The Revolutionary Utopia Cash Handling Lane

We asked 200 independent grocers what
they wanted.
Here it is…

What would you call a lane that stops your
money from walking out the front door and
the back office?

The Revolutionary Utopia Cash Handling Lane.

Pan-Oston, where grocery store shop for all their grocery needs, is proud to introduce the Utopia Cash Handling Lane. Providing grocers with lower cash handling costs, improved security, increased ROI, ADA accessible for customer and cashier, and ergonomic design.

Built around the MEI Bank Note Recycler, the Utopia Cash Handling Lane will revolutionize the way you look at your front end.

  • Start up float is reduced by up to 70% – less cash is required to pre-make tills for each individual cashier
  • Always dispenses best change practices
  • Detects counterfeit currency
  • Accepts cash and dispenses change more quickly than the cashier, reducing the overall transaction time
  • Time and labor savings:
    – Eliminates the need for routine daily pickups at the lane to reduce the amount of cash in the till
    – Drastically reduces the amount of time required to reconcile tills before and after each cashier shift
    – Drastically reduces the number of tills that must be pre-made prior to start of cashiers’ shifts
    – Accuracy of automated equipment eliminates the need for cashiers, cash room personnel and managers to reconcile tills repeatedly due to cash counting errors and employee theft

With over 40 years of experience developing innovative and overhead reducing solutions. We are proud to be the official self-checkout provider to the N.G.A.

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