Pan-Oston Custom Manufacturing for Your Store

We have been manufacturing fixtures and displays for over 40 years and we provide top-grade custom manufacturing for your store’s needs. We are trusted by many retailers and we have been using state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated processes for custom fabrication.

We will work with you in creating and installing fixtures for your store. Allow us to do custom metal manufacturing according to your preferences. We provide metal fabrication up to ¾” thick in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Choose from stainless, cold rolled, galvanized and galvaneal materials. We also offer Salvagnini fully automated punching, shearing and bending systems. We have 12 Brake Presses to 240 tons.

In custom manufacturing for your needs, we offer complete engineering support like 3D rendering capabilities, FEA analysis and CAD design services. We can also work with your existing AutoCAD, SolidEdge, Unigraphics and the like. Our services also include hardware lists, fabrication notes and finishing instructions.

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