It's a fact that C-Flex will save you money, keep your store looking great and improve your bottom line.

Never before has a store's counter system had such a dramatic effect on store sales and on a store's ROI.

Comprehensive catalog of quality "Made in U.S.A." counters with a broad range of accessories and upgrade options

"We had a panel damaged by a hand-truck four weeks after we opened and we were able to change it out in only minutes." Jeff Grinstead, IGA Food Stores

• Standard counters
• Corner, wedge and radius counters
• Mix-and-Match wood and metal components
• Easy to install, clean, service and maintain
• Broad range of accessories and upgrade options

To find out more about the amazing C-Flex convenience store counter system, click on the catalogs and brochures tab at the bottom of the page or click on the Build Your Own button to see our patent-pending amazing Build Your Own C-Flex. You'll be amazed just how simple it is with this amazing tool to layout and estimate your store.

Click on these links to learn about C-Flex Island Counters, Drink Towers, Overhead Cabinets and Cash Counters.

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Pan-Oston is rated by 10 customers. The average rating is 5 out of 5
“Fast and easy to use”
“Great tool for day-to-day basis”
“More effective and more efficient”
“No assembly required”
“Perfect solution for our company and our customers”
“High quality workmanship”
“Excellent customer service”
“State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities”
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“Exceeds expectations”