As convenience stores age their sales decline. With C-Flex you can remodel your store more frequently for a lot less money.

Pan-Oston's C-Flex Counter System is designed for you to be able to spend less to keep your store looking fresh. C-Flex, with it's patent pending steel frame design, allows you to just replace damage or aging panels and countertops without having to replace the whole counter. C-Flex lets you keep your store and your bottom line looking great.

With the revolutionary patent pending structural steel frame, you can remodel every two or three years, saving up to 75% of the cost of a traditional box counter remodel.

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  • C-Flex counter systems ship flat/unassembled and can be assembled in just a few hours
  • C-Flex is stronger and more durable than traditional counters
  • C-Flex has moveable counter systems allowing you to change the shape or function of the frames
  • C-Flex counter system panels and tops are available in a variety of surface finishes
  • C-Flex counter systems have a standard 2,000lb load bearing capacity
  • C-Flex counter systems are LEED compatible

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