4 Ways to Use Your Checkout Counter to Drive More Sales

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4 Ways to Use Your Checkout Counter to Drive More Sales Thumbnail

Getting your customer to the checkout counter is a huge retail accomplishment. However, the shopper’s experience doesn’t stop there! To add value to the customer experience, you should optimize the checkout counter itself to make more sales as well as promote customer loyalty with employee interaction. Here are four tips you can use to enhance the sales-generating power of your checklane and the employees who operate it:

Embrace the Impulse Buy

People tend to love immediate gratification. The checkout counter around your POS is the perfect place to stock items that are most often bought on impulse, like magazines and snacks. Merchandise that may not be on the shopper’s grocery list, but appeal to the eye or taste buds, are more likely to be bought once the customer has already committed to making a purchase. Relatively low-dollar merchandise that delight your most common customers, or provide some form of entertainment, can be difficult to resist after decision fatigue has set in. 40% of people admit to spending more money than they planned when shopping at stores, why not offer customers a way to enjoy novelty after a long day?

Anticipate their Needs

It’s not all about taking advantage of a weak moment when it comes to increasing sales at the checkout counter. You can anticipate the customer’s needs by offering them frequently forgotten items on their way out. Depending on your store and your typical customer, these items may vary anywhere from hair, makeup and travel accessories, to cigarette lighters, pens and greeting cards. Remind your customer of what they may be forgetting and, in turn, increase your sales. Win-Win!

Gain Customer Loyalty

Your employees play a big role when it comes to upselling. Along with training them on the typical, “Did you find everything you were looking for today?” pitch, invest in loyalty rewards programs to secure future sales. Anytime a customer has the opportunity to earn coupons, rewards, or access to exclusive sales and events, they are more like to return to your store. This is also an opportunity to increase communication between the shopper and the shop, and it makes customers feel looked out for and important.

Provide a Comfortable Space

No matter how you decide to add value to your checkout experience, your efforts will all be in vain if not well-executed. Avoid crowded counter space with a clutter of irrelevant items or messes from a rushed day of sales. You don’t want to stress your customer out with an over-crowded counter because that will discourage them from taking advantage of additional buying opportunities. Be sure to only merchandise relevant, reasonably priced, useful or delightful items at checkout. Leave plenty of room for customers to move freely and comfortably complete their transaction. Since they’re already committed to purchasing items at this point in the experience, employee interaction should be minimal, not pushy or completely sales-oriented but friendly and inviting.